RSS, Blog, Podcast, bzzzzzzzz

I had until recently thought that all this hoopla about blogging, pod-casting, RSS, news aggregators et al was all hype and not particularly useful. Having spent a little more time looking at the kinds of tools that are available, I have to say I am pretty impressed.

I have been using PHP-nuke to manage my website. It’s becoming obvious that it’s not working particularly well since the comments section get spammed. I find this really annoying. Also – nuke has a lot of features that I just wasn’t using, and the complexity of it kept me from addition additional content.

I started messing around with NewsFire a little while ago, and found that aggregating news together in one place is really useful… now I am able to get some of my friend’s blogs, and slashdot and some other news in one places, and I get notified when it updates. Very civilized. I have since switched to NetNewsWire, which is better still IMHO since it has a built-in minibrowser with a tab interface, and it is friends with MarsEdit (you can register them together for reduced $$$).

MarsEdit is nice because it’s a desktop app – which makes it easier to put a larger posting together and post it up on the site. So now I have a better and easier workflow, and I think the site looks better. So that would be good. Hopefully this will enable me to post more as well :).

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