Leaf Blowers

Wired News has this article about leaf blowers which I found interesting. I watched my neighbor across the road blowing his leaves around on the weekend so it stuck a chord.

It was really amusing really – he blew the leaves off his driveway – and so they all ended up on his neighbor’s path. So he sort of leans over the 3 foot wall dividing his driveway from their path, and blasts them off of their path on, onto their very nice, just completed garden.

It stuck me that the whole notion of a leaf blower is totally false. There is very little control over where the leaves go, so it’s not really a cleaning exercise. It just pushes the problem into someone else’s yard. With the added bonus that you get to burn some fossil fuels doing so, and also disturb all your neighbors with the noise.

And people wonder why a lot of Californian towns put draconian laws in place to ban such activities.

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