Take a look in your trashcan!

No – not the one in your dock (or recycle bin if you’re a windows user) – the one in your kitchen. It occurred to me when talking to my mother-in-law recently that there are very few things you can’t recycle. All paper products, most plastics, batteries (apparently one small lithium cell can poison several thousand gallons of water – so these really should be recycled), anything biodegradable can be made into compost.

The only thing which I routinely throw away which I have no hope of recycling is polystyrene packaging, which I personally believe ought to be illegal. Whaaaa? I here you say? It ought to be illegal – because it’s not recyclable (it is reusable, but most people who get it don’t have any further need for it), and it is perfectly replaceable; either with the starch stuff that is water soluble, or with corrugated cardboard, which is both biodegradable and recyclable. Write to your senators and congress-people today!

1 thought on “Take a look in your trashcan!

  1. “Write to your senators and congress-people today!”

    You’ll get better response if write directly to the company as a consumer and ask them to change it. Legislation shouldn’t be the first option, IMHO…

    -Kim, who frequently nags Trader Joe’s about their packaging

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