Why won’t the music industry take my money?

It’s 2005 and I can buy music on-line at any time and download it to my computer via iTunes. This is an awesome leap forward. It’s great. I love it. And I buy more music as a result. Everybody wins.

What I don’t understand is the following: It’s perfectly legal for me to buy a CD from Amazon.co.uk and have it shipped to my house in San Francisco, but I can’t buy music from the UK iTunes music store!

It turns out that I like a lot of British music, some of which doesn’t warrant being imported into the US. I understand that it’s worth selling American music to Americans and vice-versa, since the majority of the market doesn’t want to get their music from overseas. But I don’t get why I am prevented from buying joining the UK iTMS and buying stuff (you actually need a UK issued Credit Card to join the UK store, so even an American LIVING IN the UK might not be able to join unless they had British bank accounts.

Where’s Thomas Friedman’s Lexusy Olive Tree Flat Earth when it actually helps the consumer?

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