John Peel Day

Today is John Peel day. Today, we will celebrate one of the greatest influences over modern music.

Many of you may not know who John Peel is; but you may recognize some of the talent that he helped to spread to the world. Artists like David Bowie, Joy Division, Pulp, Billy Bragg, Orbital, T-Rex, Pink Floyd, the Sex Pistols and countless more all received radio airtime from John Peel and got a huge boost because of it. Without John, we may not have ever been exposed to this music. He was constantly looking for new music, and playing it over the national (in the UK) airwaves.

Personally, I only occasionally ran into John’s show on Radio 1 when I lived in the UK, and it was not until I heard on the radio here in SF that he had passed away that I put the name to that voice. I wish I could go back and listen to all his shows again, perhaps some of the millions I missed.

I hope that this void will be filled by the growing number of Music Podcasters out there, who are finding new music and bringing it to the attention of the masses.

Do something today – go see a live band, or buy an album by a band you’ve never heard of. Take delight in some obscure new artist in some dark corner of cyberspace, and spread the word. RIP John Peel.

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