The Broadcast Flag

Like the “Federal Marriage Amendment” anti-gay legislation, the “Broadcast Flag” has surfaced again in our nations capital. Like an Osama Bin Laden that refuses to be caught – these things just keep coming back and attacking us.

I am a member of the EFF and as such I mailed yet another letter to a couple of California senators asking for a NO vote. I was rewarded by yet another form letter telling me “how we have to consider new ways of protecting intellectual property”.

I get that intellectual property is very steal-able, and that the owners of said property have a right to want to protect their content. I am a software engineer – so I’m very familiar with the problem of writing something worthwhile and having someone steal it.

If I write something worth money however, my options are relatively limited – and the most likely form of remuneration for me is to stick it on the internet and ask for donations; and put some ads on the download page (while providing a torrent link). Who wouldn’t pay a $3 for a well supported torrent for a new Star Wars movie. I would – and I haven’t seen the last one yet.

What I don’t understand though is why it is government’s job to protect this intellectual property. If you don’t want people to capture your video from pay-per-view and copy it – then don’t broadcast it on pay-per-view, and don’t sent it out over the cable network. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

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