MILL VALLEY / Physics teacher under fire for gun experiment / Parent’s complaint raises issue about legality of stunt

MILL VALLEY / Physics teacher under fire for gun experiment / Parent’s complaint raises issue about legality of stunt

I’m really sad that this teacher is under fire. In my opinion this is the kind of teaching that we need. You can bet money that anyone who’s taken this class is going to remember the material that was taught – and how to apply it in the real world – it simply doesn’t get better than that.

Polygroovers CD & other musical things.

My friend and ex cow-orker Konstantin has put out a CD with his partner Telene (these guys win the “we have interesting names” trophy) as “Polygroovers”. The CD is really good and you can get it from his website.. He also has some sample tracks up there. His style is Electronica – fairly upbeat & yet mellow.

This humorous song from Johnathan Coulton came to me via an email list I’m on recently.

It Just Works.

Don’t get me wrong – I think that Apple and the Mac are an extremely good company with an extremely good product, in fact most of their products are pretty top notch.

The Apeture debacle is a mess though. Susan just got the copy she ordered. Turns out it doesn’t run on the 12 inch powerbook. Just the 15 and 17 inch. WTF? It’s certainly true that in the small print it does call this out, but this is Apple right? Doesn’t it just work? Apparently only on 60% of the Powerbook line from just a year ago. There’s even a hack which will make it work, so it’s not even a hard limitation – but having paid for the software, we expect some support, so it’s going back.

Alpine 500

My friend James and I ran the Alpine 500 this year (and past weekend) in his Fiat 124 Sport Coupe. It was a fantastic trip with the Fiat working hard pulling us up several 8-10kft passes in the Sierras. Lots of interesting vehicles, several Alfas, Fiats, couple of Healeys, 3 914s showed, although there were some problems, and a couple of Ferraris even.

The Fiat suffered a few times with getting a little too hot – at high altitude with steep hills, and then we lost a shock absorber retaining nut. Fortunately we were able to complete the rally and get home with no problems!

Pictures are all here, starting with the pre-registration event – first pic is our car.

Maker Faire Pics

We had a great time at the Maker Faire looking at people’s projects. I took loads of photos. Particular favorites include the the Sterling Engine, and the burning man car with the pulsejets on it. I had no idea that it was a pulse-jet on the buzz bombs that were used in WWII.