It’s a huge bummer to learn that Floyd Landis having won the Tour de France, was actually on the juice. Living in San Francisco – our local baseball team is the Giants (appropriate perhaps) who harbor Barry Bonds – who holds some sort of amazing baseball record – perhaps around numbers of substances abused or something….

I do wonder exactly what it is like to be on the juice, however, and what one could expect in terms of feelings and performance.
This article describes a journalist’s own 8 month experience of getting some “help” with his performance and makes for truly fascinating reading. Makes me wonder if some of the lower-level treatments such as growth hormone and testosterone will become more commonplace in the future.

1 thought on “Drugs-n-Sports-n-Rock-n-Roll

  1. This Landis case is very confusing. Testosterone is not something one would normally take during an event, rather it is used in trainning. Now there might be something else that can be taken that will result in an increased T level, but I don’t know what. Five other tests administered during the tour were normal, this result seems odd.

    I will be interesting to watch this unfold. Innocent until proven guilty is desired, but when there are test results that are positive, it is more like guilty until proven innocent. I like the kid and want to believe him, but time and tests will tell.

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