What’s going on with my website?

I’ve struggled for a while on the topic of what to do with my website. Some time ago I switched the site over to the WordPress blog software and made a half-hearted attempt to blog mixed thoughts and opinions on a semi regular basis. I don’t believe this has been particularly successful since I haven’t actually started writing more content, and I don’t think the site is any more interesting to people.
It’s become obvious that since I’m not writing on a regular basis, and the site is a confused mix of various things I should move the goalposts a little bit. I decided to split my interests up into different blogs so that they can be more freestanding.

  • I am a software developer, and I’m working on software related innovations all the time. I think it’s useful to focus the main website on that, and work on being more diligent about documenting my discoveries and innovations for others to share. I think the increased purpose and usefulness of the content will hopefully drive the site to being more useful for more people, which may lead to a revenue stream.
  • Since not many people are reading the site, and most of those people are probably family and friends, it’s probably not much use me having so much political whining on there, so I should focus the personal section of the site on more personal news that friends and family may be more interested in reading.

The drive for a more businesslike section of the website is somewhat driven by some posts I’ve been reading on Steve Pavlina on his personal development blog. He has talked a great deal about the value of passive income streams, and has been so successful with his own blog that it is his primary revenue stream. Personally, I’m mostly interested in being more effective at sharing information and knowledge, and that is the main driver for this change.

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