Long Solo Cross-Country Flight

Yesterday I finally managed to do my long solo cross country flight. It went pretty well. I was planning to fly to Los Banos, Castle, Modesto and then back. The wind at Los Banos was 12 gusting to 18 knots which is beyond my solo limitations; so I skipped that and flew direct to Castle. The handoff from NorCal to Castle went well; I’m getting better at spotting airports from the air; which is helpful :). The landing at Castle was uneventful; I taxied to transient parking, shutdown the plane and headed in for the bathroom. It’s a quick hop to Modesto from Castle, and then a longer flight back to Palo Alto. All in all – everything went smoothly and I’m pretty happy with how I was able to handle the flight.

Photos! (entire album is here)

Monterey Peninsula

Unusual Attitudes?

Castle Airport – Made it!

Mount Diablo from the South East

Altamont Raceway
Altamont Raceway

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