Adolf Gasser – The Photography Company

At some point; I think it was the trip back from Alcatraz; I managed to get dirt on the sensor of the DSLR camera. I headed to the largest camera store in town to try and get it cleaned maybe only a year after this happened expecting a $300 fee and maybe just to be told that nobody did that anymore.

On the contrary, Scott in the repair department at Adolf Gasser was extremely helpful, and I was able to pay about $45 for a sensor cleaning, since I didn’t need it done in a hurry (you can pay more for faster, which is an excellent pricing model IMHO). They also were able to handle getting Susan’s compact sony camera fixed; which had a broken sensor and a dented and slightly crooked lens fixture. I’m a very happy customer – we got both things done and we were ready to write off the compact.

I had to ask Scott about the name “Adolf Gasser”; turns out the business is named after it’s founder, who unfortunately passed away about 2 years ago. The store started out as a toy repair store before Adolf’s good friend (and best man) Ansel Adams persuaded him that there was a gap in the market for camera repair, which apparently was a good call on Mr Adams part since the business still seems to be doing well. I’m told there is an original Ansel Adams print in Adolf’s son’s office, who now runs the company.

I’m told Mr Gasser also prepared the cameras in the Enola Gay that took the pictures of the bombs that were dropped on Japan in WWII.

Scott spoke very fondly of Mr Gasser and told me they would call his wife when he left work in the evening since he looked like Mr Magoo driving his Chrylser back to Marin in the evenings to make sure he got home alright. He worked right up to the end of his life; and it’s confirmed was named well before WWII. He’s missed; and I kind of wish I’d been able to meet him too.